Rapid testing now available, wherever you want

Rapid testing now offered: COVID-19 and more!

We're now offering rapid testing as part of our suite of products! Feel at ease knowing you or your staff can get tested with a rapid turnaround within 15 minutes. Our high-class clinicians and nurses offer testing for COVID-19, Streptococcus (Strep Throat), and Influenza A&B.

In addition to rapid testing, our qualified team is also capable of PCR tests (Polymerase Chain Reaction) with lab test results producted within an hour.

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Individualized testing in the comfort of your home
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We come to you

We’re a mobile company. We travel to where you need us; your home, office, hotel or wherever

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Personalized to you

All of our physicians and nurses are licensed professionals that listen to your unique needs and create a treatment that’s just right for you

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It's fast and effective

The treatment is delivered in 30-45 minutes, leaving you feeling better and more energized instantly

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Become hydrated, feel better

Using nutrient therapy, we deliver enrichment directly into your body; something you can’t get by drinking water

How it Works

As a mobile nutrient IV therapy specialist, our specialized nurses travel to you to deliver an experience in the comfort of your space

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Choose it

choose which of our drips is right for you

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Schedule it

and talk to our physician to make sure it is the right treatment for you

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Enjoy it

most importantly:
sit back, relax and enjoy when we come to you

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Hydrate your best self

In the comfort of your home, at a hotel when you’re on the road, or discretely in our mobile unit - our nurses deliver specialized hydration therapy to wherever you are, whenever you need it.

If you’re feeling ill, need an energy boost or want to continue being your healthy self, our boosts will help you conquer your goals.

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Individualized treatments in the comfort of your home


Elevate your wellness program and enrich your staff

With Essential Hydration at your work, you can give your employees a clear edge with hydration therapy. Our custom-tailored drips will leave your employees feeling more energized, focused and feeling ready to tackle their projects.

From workplaces to gyms, offer your staff and clientele the nutrients they need. Whether it’s a standard hydration or aspecialized drip, our licensed physicians work with each person to tailor make their experience.

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Treatments administered in your workplace.

Who is Essential Hydration?

Our goal at Essential Hydration is to bring advanced nutrient therapy directly to you, in the comfort of your own space when it’s convenient for you.

We’re a traveling nutrient therapy service, delivering a fast and direct way to replenish vitamin and mineral deficiencies while boosting your immune system.

With our team of certified specialists, we offer nutrient therapy directly into your system in as quick as 30 minutes.

Whether you’re at home with the flu, a seasoned athlete or want to enhance your workplaces’ wellness program, our team at Essential Hydration delivers the nutrients when you need it the most.

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